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Battery Tender 022-0148-Dl-Wh 4-Bank Charger

Battery Tender 022-0148-Dl-Wh 4-Bank Charger

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Attach four batteries at a time without compromising their integrity or power with the Charger Battery Management System. The two encased 1.25-amp chargers in this system can fully charge a battery and maintain it at a proper voltage. The smart technology in this 4-bank battery charger is designed to charge any four batteries at one time without fear of an overcharge or damage. It automatically switches the output voltage to a storage or float level once it reaches its optimum level. This means the 4-battery charger won t overcharge, ruling out the need for you to constantly check on the battery status. It is a true set it and forget itpiece of equipment. Ideal for sealed maintenance-free and flooded batteries, this Charger Battery Management System features spark-proof connectors for extra protection.

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