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Superchips 1545 Ford Flashcal

Superchips 1545 Ford Flashcal

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As a driving enthusiast you know that no two vehicles are alike. From custom wheels and rims to hard-pulling winches the list of mods for your truck or Jeep is almost unending. While everything you add makes your ride one-of-a-kind those upgrades are likely putting a serious strain on your 4x4 s factory facilities. Keep your ride s calibrations in check with a plug-n-play Flash Cal F5 Calibration Tool. Specifically designed to give your vehicle the most sought after upgrades the Flash Cal Programmer corrects your speedometer for tire upgrades between 26and 42and delivers speedometer recalibration for gear/axle swaps up to 5.38. The Flash Cal Calibration Tool features a full-color high-def. 2.8screen with an intuitive graphic interface that makes updates quick and easy.

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