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Cuisinart 2 Slice Motorized Toaster

Cuisinart 2 Slice Motorized Toaster

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The 2 Slice Automatic Toaster is expertly designed to elevate your toasting experience with an automated, lever-less lift and four programmable memory settings. This is not just any toaster; it is specially crafted for six bread types including white, wheat, bagel, pastry, English Muffin, and waffles. The toaster comes with a MemorySet feature, allowing you to save your desired toasting preferences easily. Additionally, the QuickView feature enables you to check the progress of your toast without cancelling the toasting cycle. This toaster also includes Defrost, +30 Sec, and Single Slice options for added convenience. It offers 7 shade settings, giving you the freedom to achieve your preferred level of toastiness. The large digital display with a countdown timer facilitates easy operation. Further complementing its functionality is its stylish, stainless steel housing that adds a sleek touch to your kitchen. The 2 Slice Automatic Toaster makes toasting a breeze, offering a perfect blend of convenience and style.

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