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Milwaukee 6117-30 13 Amp 5 In. Small Angle Grinder Paddle, Lock-On

Milwaukee 6117-30 13 Amp 5 In. Small Angle Grinder Paddle, Lock-On

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An angle grinder is compatible with so many attachments that its uses in metal and woodworking are practically limitless. Abrasive discs, cutoff wheels, polishing pads, wire wheels, the list goes on. Get the best use out of all of these attachments with the 13 Amp 5Small Angle Grinder from Milwaukee. The 6117-30 is equipped with a powerful 13 amp motor with high overload protection so you can use as much power as necessary without fear of damaging the grinder. Bind-up has lead to the premature death of many competitive grinders, but Milwaukee nips that problem in the bud with the Electronic clutch, which keeps the gears and other internal components safe from damage. Switching out accessories and changing from one application to another is quick and easy thanks to the 100% tool-free design. The applications this grinder is designed to carry out stir up a lot of dust and debris, which are potentially harmful to the tool. Luckily, the debris baffles ejects debris from the airflow at the intake vents, stopping the problem before it starts. Also included with this item is a Type 27 guard, which deflects harmful particles away from the user.

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