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Makita 7 In. Polisher/Sander Kit With Bag

Makita 7 In. Polisher/Sander Kit With Bag

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Our most popular buffer/polisher - produce mirror finishes without burning your paint FREE Accessory Kit with MK-9237C purchase Includes polisher storage bag and 7foam polishing pad If you ve painted a car and don t like the results, don t worry This buffer removes orange peel and paint imperfections, and glosses up flat, dull finishes on your project or everyday ride 7Electric Buffer/Polisher is the only safe way to produce mirror finishes without the worry of burning your paint. Unique variable-speed settings adjust from 600 rpm for ultra-slow polishing up to 3000 rpm for compounding and buffing. Plus, electronic-controlled motor maintains a constant speed under a load. This is important when compounding, buffing or polishing your vehicle. If there is no change in rpm, there is no burned paint, cutting through the clear, or swirl marks. For a well-balanced buffer/polisher to put the finishing touch on your car, look no further. Buffer/Polisher compounds, buffs and polishes acrylic enamel, urethanes, lacquers, clear coats, gel coats, and other painted surfaces. Ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, wire mesh intake cover protects motor, 3-prong plug prevents static electricity, lock-on button allows continuous use at one speed, and 7Hook and Loopbacking plate provides quick on-off of optional wool and foam pads below.

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