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Lag Shot 7 Iron Golf Swing Training Aid

Lag Shot 7 Iron Golf Swing Training Aid

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Never before has there been a golf swing training aid tested, proven, and guaranteed to give you explosive power and precision accuracy on every shot. works by training your hands, arms, and body to swing in sequence with perfect tempo and timing, so you can make powerful golf swings naturally that produce longer, more accurate golf shots with every club in your bag. And you can hit balls with it! The 7 iron is the best golf swing trainer on the market, and is being praised by countless leading PGA instructors and thousands of average golfers. This golf training aid is a comfortable 7 iron with a whippy, flexible blue shaft and beautiful jet black clubhead. It practically forces you to load the club perfectly, generate tremendous lag automatically, and make confident swings. Grab your risk-free, hit a few balls with it, and finally feel what a professional golf swing with perfect tempo, timing, and effortless power actually feels like.

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