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Raceline 887 17x9 6x139.7 0mm

Raceline 887 17x9 6x139.7 0mm

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Raceline Polished Rockcrusher Wheels offer a classic look with the timeless bullet hole face design. The symmetrical pattern puts the focus on performance and function. 14 holes on the face bring a nostalgic feel with a throw back to wheels from simpler times. The lip features loads of accents and contours to offset the symmetrical design. The wheel is polished to a mirror finish and includes a classic Raceline logo on the center cap. Raceline manufactures and distributes the highest quality purpose built performance wheels in the industry. Raceline is the preeminent leaders in aftermarket wheels for both consumer and off-road racing vehicles. Developed as a result of their deep-seated roots in off-road racing the same performance driven technology has been adapted to create a line of consumers wheels that function as well on-road as off.

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