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Rough Country (98115150) Full Windshield | Scratch Resistant | Kawasaki Mule

Rough Country (98115150) Full Windshield | Scratch Resistant | Kawasaki Mule

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Added Protection and comfortability. Protect the occupants of your Mule Pro-FX from off-road hazards such as rocks, branches, and other debris with s Scratch-Resistant Windshields. UTV Windshields offer a clear visual of the trail ahead and allow for a much more comfortable outing! High-Quality Polycarbonate Construction. UTV windshields are constructed from thick polycarbonate material that is precision cut for a perfect fit. The polycarbonate material provides an ideal combination of clarity, flexibility, durability that outperforms glass, acrylic, and other windshield materials. Durable Scratch and UV Resistance. Each windshield is not only constructed from thick polycarbonate material but enhanced by a secondary AR2 hard-coating process. This process completely coats the windshield with a hardened, scratch-resistant barrier. This treatment also provides the additional benefit of UV protection. Easy Installation. With a simple strap-on installation process, installing a windshield couldn t be easier. Within 15-30 mins you can be ready to hit the trails. As such, the product is protected from structural and workmanship damage after the date of purchase. Inner and outer hard coating to resist scratching. Contoured design. Rubber seal for a precise fit. Works with factory or aftermarket roofs. Easy to install.

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