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Igourmet A Little Bit Of Germany - German Food Box

Igourmet A Little Bit Of Germany - German Food Box

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A Little Bit of Germany Gift Box (5 pound) Take a gourmet tour from Hamburg to Bavaria with our Little Bit of Germanyassortment. A country that is known for its hearty, beer-friendly cuisine, Germany is well represented by this collection of authentic specialty foods, including: Smoked Ammerlander: This golden smoked natural cheese has an edible smoky rind and a rich, creamy interior. (7.5 oz) Allgau Emmental: This swiss from the German Alps, has slightly smaller holes than its French and Swiss cousins. (7.5 oz) Paladin Bavarian Blue: This tangy, crumbly blue cheese is produced in Bavaria s Alpine countryside. German cheesemakers have spent centuries taming the inherent sharpness of the original blue-veined cheeses, passing their time-tested methods down from generation to generation. (7.5 oz) Traditional German Bread: Enjoy your cheeses with this pack of authentic imported German bread. (17 oz) German Herring Fillets: These flavored herring fillets are excellent on crackers or bread. You can also use them to make tasty appetizers. (100ml) Choc Stars Chocolate Bar: Premium quality chocolate made in Berlin since 1881. (3.5 oz) Cherry and Brandy Filled Chocolates from Germany: Weinbrand Kirschen by Bohme has a lovely liquor surprise. These sophisticated chocolates are made from bittersweet chocolate, each filled with a delicate sip of brandy and a cherry.(

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