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X Rocker - Agility Jr. Gaming Chair - Black And Gold

X Rocker - Agility Jr. Gaming Chair - Black And Gold

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PC Gaming Chair sets young gamers up for success by providing them with a chair designed specifically for them. Gone are the days where young gamers and aspiring content creators are forced to sit in a chair that s designed for adults. PC Gaming Chair features all of the same benefits as a full-sized PC/office gaming chair, including a luxurious seating surface and 2D adjustable armrests that can go up and down or inward and outward. The easy to clean, durable, faux-leather surface connects to a 5-star swivel rolling base for smooth movement. For the optimal resting position, the chair also reclines and tilts. Measuring 26.9 x 24.4 x 45-47, this luxurious black, gold and white chair is perfectly suited for younger gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience and take their next step towards the pros.

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