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Kate And Laurel Havlock Wood Shelf Set - 2 Piece 24 Inch - Black

Kate And Laurel Havlock Wood Shelf Set - 2 Piece 24 Inch - Black

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Inspire your inner interior decorator with these functional and beautiful floating shelves. Inspired by clean lines and convenient design, the Havlock shelves combine modern aesthetics with practical function. These shelves were made from 100% solid wood, giving them an elevated quality and appearance. The sleek black finish provides a look that lends itself to clean design, allowing the Havlock to blend into various decorative aesthetics. In this set measure, the two shelves measure 24 in. wide by 8 in. deep by 2.25 in. tall, making them fantastic for display side by side, parallel, or spread throughout separate rooms. Each Havlock shelf has a 15 lbs. weight capacity, allowing you to store small dessert plates and mugs, showcase some delightful succulents, or house your favorite keepsakes, media, and photos. The two Havlock shelves hang in just minutes with the convenient hanging brackets that attach directly to the wall.

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