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Acoustic B100c 1x12 100w Bass Combo With Tilt-Back Cab Black

Acoustic B100c 1x12 100w Bass Combo With Tilt-Back Cab Black

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The Acoustic B100C is the perfect 100-watt combo amp for the bass player who needs more power for rehearsals and full-stage performances. It features a 100-watt power section and an 12 Custom Ferrite speaker that provides optimal frequency response and sound projection. A tilt-back cabinet feature directs your sound off the floor for better monitoring. A 4-band EQ boosts or cuts low, low-mid, high-mid and high frequencies, while a Shapeswitch gives you additional mid-range tonal adjustment. Controls also include a footswitchable overdrive circuit with a blend feature that lets you custom-tailor your sound even further. An effects loop lets you insert your favorite effects or compression into the signal chain between the preamp and power amp stages. There s an XLR direct output with ground lift option for sending your signal to a sound system or recording device. The XLR output signal can be sent with or without your EQ settings. Connections for headphones and a convenient Auxiliary input allow you to listen to audio files while you practice.

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