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Behringer Bc1200 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set

Behringer Bc1200 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set

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BC1200 The BC1200 gives you an all-in-one pack with 7 drum microphones. Offering an accurate representation of your entire drum kit for both live and studio applications. Using the different microphones, youre able to capture kick drums, toms, snares, and cymbals efficiently. So theyre perfectly suited for precision and close-mic recordings. Kick Drum Microphone Firstly, the BC1200s KM1200 large-diaphragm dynamic capsule is especially tuned for kick drums. Just mount the mic onto a short microphone stand and position it just inside the kick drum opening. You can either aim it directly at the beater for more attack, or towards the edge of the drum for a more resonant tone. Tom/Snare Microphones Then, youve got the BC1200s TM1200 medium diaphragm dynamic capsules tuned specifically for your toms and snares. Mount clamps onto each mic, then attach each of them onto the hoop of your tom or snare drum. The angle and distance from mic to drumhead is adjustable. Position each toward the center of the drumhead for best results. Cymbal Microphones Finally, the BC1200s CM1200 directional small-diaphragm capsule is especially tuned for your crash, hat, and ride cymbal. Mount your mic onto a pair of tripod boom stands and then position them to get the desired delicate/silky highs. Each mic should be around 1M above your ride cymbal and hi hat and pointing directly down. You can also have both mics directly above the snare in an XY pattern. But you will require 48V Phantom Power for operation.

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