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Rollerblade Blank Team Pigeon Skates (07373100a27)

Rollerblade Blank Team Pigeon Skates (07373100a27)

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THIS SKATE IS FOR - Street and park skating. For those looking for creativity and performance, Blank Team Skate is the new benchmark. BLANK SHELL AND SOLEPLATE incorporate durability, style and function. The boot has anatomical design, improved cuff wrap and easy open/close function with the buckle. The shell integrates with the direct mount soul plate allowing the frame to mount directly to the boot shell. PERFORMANCE PLUS INSOLE and stretch toe box help accommodate the foot s anatomy for a perfect fit. Rubber outsole adds durability, integrated lacing ensures a precision fit and the silicone strips on the heel help keep the liner in place while skating. Built in shock under the liner protects heels from the shock of big street skating impacts. BLANK UFS FRAME incorporates a lower H-Block for versatile skating and durability. The H-Block is designed to work with flat-rocker or anti-rocker grind wheels. ELITE-PERFORMANCE HYDROGEN WHEELS - 60mm/92A wheels made in USA with proprietary urethane formula for ultimate performance, less vibration and excellent wear, set up with 42mm plastic anti-rocker wheels in the 2nd and 3rd wheel positions. Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed.

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