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Jbl Boombox 2 - Boombox Speaker - For Portable Use - Wireless - Bluetooth - 80 Watt - 2-Way - Black

Jbl Boombox 2 - Boombox Speaker - For Portable Use - Wireless - Bluetooth - 80 Watt - 2-Way - Black

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Indoors or out, the Boombox 2 gives up to 24 hours of rich, powerful sound. s loudest boombox Designed to get any party rocking, the Boombox 2 delivers deep, powerful signature sound. Featuring two-way, stereo speakers and a punchy 2 x 40* watt amplifier, the Boombox 2 matches most home hi-fi systems for power, but has the added benefit of being portable. *2 x 30 watts in battery mode. 24 hours of power – and keep your smartphone powered up with powerbank Using an ultra-high capacity battery, the Boombox 2 powers on for up to 24 hours. A USB output means that you can also charge up your smartphone from the built-in powerbank – perfect when youre off grid and need to keep the music playing. Take it to the next level with PartyBoost Connect multiple PartyBoost compatible speakers together, and you ve got yourself instant music for a house party, with music wherever you choose. Link all the speakers at the touch of a button and get simultaneous sound all around your home – indoors and out. Tough enough to handle it all Made from durable materials, this rugged speaker is a tough cookie. Waterproof to IPX7 standards, the Boombox 2 is not just resistant to rain and spills but can even survive being immersed in water. Take it to a festival, friend s BBQ or even backpacking - the Boombox loves the great outdoors. Get the party started and see it through to the very end, with the long-lasting Boombox 2.

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