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Aerogarden Bounty - White

Aerogarden Bounty - White

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Want garden fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter How about beautiful petunias for months on end with no florists fee Meet the Bounty, a sleek, indoor garden that allows you to grow up to 9 different herbs, veggies, or flower varieties up to 24 inch high. The Bounty s water bowl is the largest ever for a countertop garden, letting you go longer between fill ups. The grow deck is designed to give plants more room to grow, allowing for an optional trellis attachment, and offering a larger water fill opening for less mess. The 40W LED grow light promotes rapid plant growth, and is now dimmable down to 30%. Throw in the Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility and vacation mode and you ve got one of the most advanced and responsive indoor gardens ever. Not to mention, it is easy-to-use and sets up in minutes. So, why wait for the perfect weather Make everyday a great gardening day with the Bounty indoor garden.

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