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Biolite - Campstove 2+

Biolite - Campstove 2+

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The innovative and award-winning CampStove 2+ is a multi-dimensional wood-burning portable stove that also generates its own electricity for powering rechargeable devices. It even comes with its own light to illuminate its surroundings Utilizing patented combustion technology, the stove is powered by sticks, wood scraps, or BioFuel pellets (sold separately). It creates a smokeless flame for cooking or providing heat. Lightweight, folding aluminum legs enhance stability while honeycombed mesh provides a protective barrier from the inner burn chamber. A scalloped design on the top of the stove allows it to accommodate the KettlePot, the Portable Grill, or other cookware (all sold separately). The one-of-a-kind stove also generates on demand recharging power in the process of burning fuel. That power is stored in an integrated 3200 mAh battery and a USB output (cord not included) allows you to charge phones, headlamps, or other rechargeable gear and devices. An LED dashboard indicates the strength of the fire, the power output, and the speed settings on the internal combustion fan jets. The stove also includes an integrated FlexLight which powers off USB to provide 100 Lumens of campsite illumination. The CampStove 2+ weighs 2.06 pounds and packs down to 5 x 7.91 .

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