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Gyeon Cancoat Evo

Gyeon Cancoat Evo

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Simply spray onto the attached microfibre and wipe until you achieve full gloss. That is how easy it is to apply Q2 CanCoat EVO! Now in its EVO form to provide you with a more durable yet easy to apply SiO2 based coating.Q2 CanCoat EVO is the easiest coating to apply you will experience. It is also the best value for money product to protect or maintain your ceramic coated car. Its 200ml allows you to coat or re-apply it over 10 to 15 times! Q2 CanCoat EVO is the most versatile ceramic coating. It might be applied on paint, trim, rims, metal, carbon fibre or PPF/vinyl. It is both a stand-alone product as well as a topcoat. TIP: Never spray in the direction of the vehicle and mind working in an area with low air movement to avoid overspray. Work in small sections to avoid streaks.

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