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Balvenie - Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old Whisky

Balvenie - Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old Whisky

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is one of the single malts. Little has changed at Destillerie since it was founded. The single malts are still produced in the traditional way, which gives these whiskies their unique taste. is the only distillery that still cultivates its own barley, uses traditional malting and has a coppersmith and local cooper, making one of the Malts with the highest share of craftsmanship. Thanks to the close cooperation between David Stewart and the coopers belonging to the distillery, new types of wooden barrels are constantly being produced. Each whisky is individual in its taste, but all are rich, extremely smooth and supported by an unmistakably honey-sweet character. PortWood 14 years old, sweet honey & fruity notes. Strong whiskies were selected for Port Wood, which were only aged in traditional oak barrels for 20 years. The next phase of maturation took place in barrels in which the most valuable vintage port had previously matured.

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